The 'Rebrand Core' is a html template and resources for the new UWA brand moving into 2016. There is a heavy focus on a modern, responsive design, and lowering the level of technical knowledge required for site developers and content editors.


Rebrand Core is frequently updated and your browser may be using an old cached version. Press Ctrl+F5 or Command+R to force a full reload of all styles and scripts.

If the problem persists, please try an alternate browser or device before contacting DCS for support. This step is invaulable for determining the scope of the issue.

Rebrand showcase

These links showcase screenshots of pages created in Rebrand Core and some of its available devices and features.

Noteworthy updates

Where to start

Contact Digital and Creative Services
Beginner users should discuss their requirements with Digital and Creative Services. We also provide training and design mockups services.
MySource Matrix content management system
This suits intermediate to advanced users with topics ranging from an interface overview to migrating sites from old cores to Rebrand Core.
Browser check
Ensure you are running a capable and secure browser.

Style and code reference

These pages are a terse reference repository of all available content elements for use within rebrand core pages.

Static elements
The common static styles such as headers, buttons, images and multi-column layouts.
Interactive elements
Interactive devices such as forms, accordion, and spotlight.
Dynamic content feeds
Live content feeds from UWA services such as news and events, or external services such as social updates and image galleries.
New or unfinished elements
These devices are still undergoing testing. Use with caution.
Hero and Campaign styles
Big and bold styles spanning the full page width. Exclusively for use on campaign and landing pages.

Custom sites and web applications

These are advanced topics aimed at web developers with significant technical knowledge.

HTML Template
Use this if you are building a website from the ground up on a non-standard platform.
The MegaMenu provides centralised and consistent navigation throughout UWA websites and does not require the Rebrand Core.
Developing custom CSS
Guidelines to avoiding conflicts when writing custom CSS within the Rebrand Core.
Additional resources
Recommended tools, libraries and workflow tips for advanced developers.