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On mobile devices, look for a reload menu option or a button with an icon similar to or .

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If reporting an issue to Digital and Creative Services, please include a copy of user agent string above and a screenshot of the faulty page. There is no guarantee we can assist, as supporting old browsers can be extremely burdensome and, given the security implications, could be considered extremely irresponsible.

Please contact your system administrator immediately and request they install the latest browser version. If this is a personal computer, ensure system updates are enabled and download the latest version from the table below.

Supported browsers

Due to the nature of internet security, Digital and Creative Services cannot guarantee support for browsers that have been discontinued by the vendor. This typically means only the very latest release of each browser is supported.

The following table shows the browsers we are currently targeting. Mobile and tablet browsers are equally supported and follow the same version numbers as their desktop counterparts.

If the latest version is not available for your device, it is likely your device no longer receives security updates and requires replacing or an operating system upgrade.

DownloadsVersion History
Mozilla FireFox45PC/Mac, Android, iOSWikipedia
Microsoft Internet Explorer11PCMicrosoft Support Lifecycle
Google Chrome55PC/Mac, Android/iOSWikipedia

Primary supported web browsers and related links.

Java and Matrix compatibility

Java for Web sites is being discontinued. To edit Matrix sites under Windows you will need a 32bit version of Java AND the 32bit version of Firefox 52 ESR (extended support release). 64bit versions are no longer supported.

Like your web browser and any other software on an internet connected device, Java should always be kept up to date. Newer versions of Java require additional configuration for the Matrix asset tree to function.

Visit the Oracle Java verification page to check if you have Java installed and functioning in your browser.

The following instructions were tested on Java 8 and Firefox 52 ESR on Windows 7. The process should be similar for Mac users. Linux users have the alternate option of installing OpenJDK and Iced Tea,  from their package manager. It should work with the 64bit version of Firefox, and does not require white-listing domains.

Installing Firefox in Windows

The following instructions require administrator access.

  1. Open the start menu, search for "Add or Remove programs" and run it.
  2. Right click and choose "Uninstall" for any of the following in the list. Mozilla Firefox, FrontMotion Firefox, Java, Oracle Java.
  3. Download Firefox 52 Extended support release from the mozilla website. You do NOT want the 64-bit version as this does NOT support Java.
  4. Run the FireFox installer and follow the prompts.
  5. Follow the instructions below to install and setup Java.

Configuring Java in Firefox

  1. Open the main menu in Firefox and select Add-ons.
  2. Select Plugins on the left.
  3. Locate Java in the list of plugins. If it is not in the list you may have the wrong version of Firefox or Java installed.
  4. Click the "Never activate" button and change it to "Ask to activate".

Installing Java in Windows

The following instructions require administrator access.

  1. Download and run the latest "Windows Offline" Java installer from java.com. You do NOT want the 64 bit version as this is not supported by Firefox.
  2. Be sure to uncheck "Install Amazon Assistant" or any other promotional items in the installer.
  3. If prompted, choose to uninstall out of date versions of Java.

Configuring Java for Matrix

  1. Search the start menu for "Configure Java" and run it to open the Java control panel.
  2. Under the security tab click "Edit Site List" and add any domains you wish to enter matrix from via the /_admin url. eg http://www.digital.uwa.edu.au or http://matrix-prod.its.uwa.edu.au. Note that wildcards are not supported, so you may want to add several domains; however, you can always enter via one domain and browse the asset tree to edit another.
  3. Close the Java control panel and restart your browser and enter matrix via the /_admin url.
  4. You will need to approve one or more security prompts and enable popups. Always read these to ensure they are from the application you expect them to be from. (e.g. publisher: Squiz Pty Ltd, Location: the UWA domain you entered from)