Events system errors

Since the UWA Events system was migrated to a new server some problems have arisen with regard to the use of a number of special characters in the title or description of an event.

Characters like colons, apostrophes, accented letters are known to cause error messages like the the one below.

Events System error message 

There are other characters that can potentially cause problems, the most common is the "fancy quote" which is a quote mark that you get in Word Documents. Copying and pasting content direct from Word into the Events System may cause problems. You need to paste Word content into Notepad (or any plain text editor) first, then copy it out of Notepad and into the Events System editor. This will strip out any fancy quotes. Apostrophes will still cause an error message even after pasting from a text editor, you need to manually delete them then key them back into your text.

To be safe please avoid parentheses in the event title and description too.