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File sharing

  • Matrix is used for sharing files that are less than 10MB with simple permission controls via Pheme or a single shared password.
  • Where larger file sizes or more complex permission levels are required, please contact
  • We can arrange access to an FTP space when required.
  • Neither Matrix nor our FTP space is appropriate where the files contain secure, private or confidential information.

To access the MySource Matrix editing interfaces you will need to use the University Pheme authentication service.

This means you will need to use your staff or student number as your user identification, and your Pheme password to authenticate your login.

  1. MySource Matrix user names
  2. Pheme accounts
  3. Visitors
  4. Browser type
  5. The asset map
  6. MySource Matrix user roles

MySource Matrix user names

The common format for MySource Matrix user names and passwords is:

  • user name: UWA staff or student number
  • password: the corresponding Pheme password

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Pheme accounts

All current UWA staff and students have Pheme accounts. However, to use the associated username and password, you will need to activate your Pheme account.

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Non University contractors or visitors who do not have a staff or student Pheme account, but who are required to edit UWA MySource Matrix web pages must fill in a commencement of non-University staff form:

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Browser type

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for use with MySource Matrix. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and related browsers can also be used.

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The asset map

You will need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version of 1.4.2_12 or greater to run the asset map in MySource Matrix.

To test your version of the JRE, log in to the edit interface and click the vertical, purple bar, running down the left-hand side of the screen. A correctly displayed asset map should look something like this:

MySource Matrix asset map

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MySource Matrix user roles

There are four main user roles in MySource Matrix, based on responsibilities and activities. As a MySource Matrix user, you may have more than one role.

  • Site owners (Content Custodians): Site owners have ultimate responsibility for a site, but generally delegate this to site coordinators.
  • Site Editors: Create web pages, update, edit and approve changes to existing pages. Manage site structure, navigation and web addresses. One or more Site Editors is normally designated as the Site coordinator.
  • Approvers: Approve or reject author changes to web pages on workflow sites.
  • Authors: Update and edit content in existing web pages on workflow sites.

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