Custom forms

The following tutorials will teach you all you need to know about setting up a Custom Form in MySource Matrix.

Overview of form submission Processs
Watch this movie to learn how the Custom Form process works, from the user filling in the form, email generation, database logging and "Thank you" message.
Construct a simple Custom Form
Follow these step by step instructions to learn how to create a simple Custom Form and to apply the appropriate design.
Email Options

Learn the difference between receipt and recipient emails and how to set them up in MySource Matrix.

Adding Form Rules
This tutorial shows you how to make certain questions compulsory and what message to send to the user when they have failed to complete a mandatory field.
Accessing and downloading the submission logs 
See where the form submission logs are kept and how to download them to a spreadsheet. Learn the vital step you have to take if you decide to add questions or sections to an existing form.