Editing a page


This information applies to

  • Authors
  • Approvers
  • Site editors

To edit a page, browse to it or type the URL into your address bar and login. Not all pages are visible in the left hand navigation, and some may be easier to find using the site map.

If you know part of the page or file name you're seeking, you can find it easily using the Find function  under the Edit menu.

Changing the status to Safe Edit

Only pages that have a status of Under Construction or Safe Edit can be edited.

Live pages must have their status changed to Safe Edit before you can start editing them.

Screenshot page status

Parts of the page which you can edit

Within a standard page, authors and approvers have control over:

  • Page name - automatically displays in a large font, at the top of the page. The page name is also used in the browser's title bar.
  • Page short name - condensed version of the page name. It may be identical to the page name if the page name length is also short. The short name should convey the same meaning as the full page name. It is used in the left-hand navigation and breadcrumb trail.
  • Body content area - provides visitors with information they are seeking, or options for further information. By default, the body content is a single, undivided area ( a 'single column') but it can be broken up into multiple divisions, such as a right column and a left column.
  • Left column - contains important information on the topic identified in the page name.
  • Right column - provides secondary or supplementary information, associated links or attached files.

Screenshot page names