Nesting content

'Nesting' is a way of inserting content on your page which appears elsewhere in a definitive source

If you add content to a page by copying it or duplicating it by hand, and that information is  available in a central source at UWA, the version of the content on your web page will become outdated and need to be maintained manually.Whereas if you nest the content from the central source, the version of the content on your page will be updated automatically when the centrally-maintained version is updated. This is always the most consistent and reliable way to add such content to a web page.

In the editing interface, click the (+) symbol to create a new div.

Screenshot creating a div

Name your div with a unique name (append the DIV ID), set the Presentation to Raw, and select Nest Content from the Content Type drop down menu, clicking OK when done.

Screenshot div type dropdown

 In the new div, click the Change button. This will turn the asset map purple.

In the asset map, navigate to the page you wish to nest, right-click on it and select Use Me.

Screenshot selecting a div