Logging in

Further information

The information on this page applies to users who have attended the appropriate training course and have been given an account in MySource Matrix. 

Password problems?

If you have three failed login attempts your account will be locked and you will need to reset your password.   

You can login to the editing interface from any web page hosted in MySource Matrix by appending /_admin to the end of an existing URL in the browser address bar then pressing Return/Enter on your keyboard.

Screenshot address bar simple edit

You will then be presented with the following login box:

Screenshot log in box

For users with a Matrix account and a University Pheme account, your Matrix login details are:

  • username: your staff, student or visitor number, for example 000xxxxx
  • password: your associated Pheme password

Note: Access is only available if you are on the UWA network or are using Uniconnect from outside The University.