Creating a new page

Further information

The information on this page applies to:

  • Authors (mandatory)
  • Approvers (mandatory)
  • Site editors / Site coordinators (optional)

Designated website authors create a new page using a web form.

This form can be used to create either:

  • a Standard Page(the default), or
  • a Unit Links page which automatically converts unit codes into a hyperlink to the University Handbooks.

Append /create to the end of your site's URL in the address box of your web browser e.g

Screenshot creating a new page

Enter a page name and press the Enter key or click on the Commit button to create the new page.

  • The page name will become the title of the new page, displayed in a large font in the sandstone banner.
  • Your new page contains a direct link to the Details screen of the simple edit interface, where you can edit the contents of the page.

When you create a new page, it goes into a 'New Pages' folder which is hidden from the navigation. Your site coordinator will move the page to an appropriate place in the site structure when it is initially approved. To find the page again later, use the site map.