Approving events

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  • Login to UWA events

Anyone can create an events account and submit events, but the person in a business unit who is responsible for publicising events should be the designated administrator of the account.

  1. Submitting events for approval
  2. Approving or denying events
  3. Adding an existing event to your calendar

Submitting events for approval

You can publish your event to multiple events calendars

Select the checkbox for each calendar you wish to use to publish your event.

The event will appear online in the relevant calendar when it is approved by the calendar administrator.

How can you tell if your event has been approved?

As part of the approval process, calendar administrators have the option of sending you an email to notify you of approval.

You can also login and preview your event to tell if it has been approved. At the bottom, its status will read:

  • Approved - the event has been approved.
  • Pending - a decision has not been made.
  • Declined - the calendar administrator has declined the event listing.

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Approving or denying events

Events can only be approved for publishing by a calendar administrator. It is recommended to assign approver status to two staff members in the business area; one to act as main administrator of the account, and a second who will also receive email notification of events for approval. This reduces the chance of an event remaining unpublished if one of the two approvers is unavailable.

To become an administrator and approve events for publication:

  1. If you haven't already, create an events account.
  2. Make sure you have the appropriate approvals from the calendar owner.
  3. Email UWAs 'Digital' and ask for administration rights.

Calendar administrators are sent an email when someone submits an event for approval. Links are provided to preview it.

Events submitted to calendars you administer can also be viewed in the My Calendar section of the My Events page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to approve or decline the event.

You should notify the person who submitted the event of your decision by checking the Notify box.

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Adding an existing event to your calendar

To add an event which already appears in another calendar to a calendar which you administer:

  1. Log in to the Events system.
  2. Click What's On.
  3. Find the event you wish to add and click More information.
  4. In the blue bar where the event is written in yellow text, click the Full view link (at the far right).
  5. In the blue bar click Add to my calendars or scroll down to the calendars table and click Alter approvals.
  6. Scroll down and click Approve for your calendar and then click the Update button.

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