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The UWA Newsroom promotes the University's research, activities, events, staff and students to people outside the University.

The Newsroom's home page displays major stories and features a carousel of five revolving stories with high-quality images.

Newsrooms for specific areas around UWA can be found in the News from around the University link, on the right-hand side of the Newsroom home page, under the heading 'In depth' .

If you have a story you think is worthy of being on the home page, contact UWA’s Media Manager for expert help with writing and publication.

  1. Training in Newsroom
  2. Publishing a news item
  3. UWA publishing style

Training in Newsroom

Any staff or student with a Pheme account (with approval from their local Website Coordinator) can register for a University News account but first you need to read through the training document and familiarise yourself with the conventions of the UWA style guide.

Once you are familiar with the material email [email protected]. We will send you a test on the material. Once you have passed the test you can create a Newsroom account.

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Publishing a news item

Creating, editing and publishing news items is a straightforward process once you have worked through the training material and have an account.

Your story should engage and inform your readers. The content should include the answers to:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?


Keep the first paragraph short and to the point. Provide enough information in the introduction to make the reader want to continue. The first paragraph is usually the one which is used as a teaser on home pages.

Avoid links in the first paragraph; you don't want people to jump away just as they've started reading.

Obtain a high-quality image to use. Such an image makes the story more attractive to readers and can help the article's chances of appearing on the Newsroom home page.

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UWA publishing style

Follow the UWA style guide for publications. Key newsroom styles include:

  • People’s titles: Use the style as it appears in the Contact Directory. Use their full title in the first instance (for example, Winthrop Professor Edwina Penright) followed by a shorter version (for example, Professor Penright).
  • Links: Link to staff, University centres, schools and faculties and relevant external organisations. The URL or web address should be invisible.
  • Link UWA staff to profiles (
  • Embed the links to external organisations (for example, Perth International Arts Festival).
  • Avoid links in the first paragraph.
  • Dates: 20 June 2010
  • Numbers: 5000 but 57,000
  • Times: 5pm-5.30pm

Proofread: Have someone else check the story for spelling, names and dates.

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