Editing an article

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How to edit a news article using the University Newsroom content management system.

Find the article

Navigate to the article you want to edit.

Log in to the Newsroom to use the edit interface

If you are logged in, you will have the options of View, Edit and Revisions at the top of the article .

If you are not logged in, click on the Staff login link at page bottom, log in, and browse back to the article.

Select Edit from the options at the top of the article.

Edit link 

Edit and preview


Edit the article, and click on the Preview button when done to check the changes.

Submit changes


Once you are satisfied with the changes shown in the preview, click on the Save button.

Writing tip: Once an article has been published, it can be edited if the information is incorrect. If you are providing an update, for instance about an upcoming conference, you should write and publish a new story.


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