Sitecore induction

This self paced induction course needs to be completed before getting a Sitecore login. Watch the following four videos after which you can take a short quiz. Please email and we will send you a link to the quiz. If you get 8 out of 10 or better we will create a Sitecore login for you.

If you don't pass first time, don't worry. Watch the videos again and we'll send you another link!

1. Introduction - Sitecore Basics

Here we describe what Sitecore is, show you to login and take a tour of the two editing interfaces - the Experience Editor and the Content Editor.



2. Web Accessibility

In this video we introduce the concept of Web Accessibility and find out why it is important.



3. Next Step - Editing Content in Sitecore

A page has a typo on it and we find out how to correct it. From logging in, to making the change, saving and previewing it.



4. Creating a New Page in Sitecore

In this video we learn how to create a new page using the Rich Text Module.