Sitecore induction

Before we can create a Sitecore Classic account for you, the first step is to watch the four introductory videos on this page.

Let us know when you have watched the videos. We will send you a short quiz, after which we can create your account.

If you are already communicating with Digital and Creative Services via a Wrike task, Service Desk incident or email, let us know via that channel.

Otherwise, please submit a 'Request training or support' form via our home page, advising us that you have watched the four videos.

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you don't pass the quiz the first time, you can review the video material, and we'll send you the quiz again.

1. Introduction - Sitecore Basics

Here we describe what Sitecore is, show you to login and take a tour of the two editing interfaces - the Experience Editor and the Content Editor.



2. Web Accessibility

In this video we introduce the concept of Web Accessibility and find out why it is important.



3. Next Step - Editing Content in Sitecore

A page has a typo on it and we find out how to correct it. From logging in, to making the change, saving and previewing it.



4. Creating a New Page in Sitecore

In this video we learn how to create a new page using the Rich Text Module.



Once you have watched these four videos, you are ready to request the Sitecore Classic quiz from Digital and Creative Services.

More Sitecore tutorials available on our Sitecore further learning page.

These videos describe how to use specific modules in Sitecore Classic. They will be useful once you have completed the quiz and your account has been created.