Sitecore further learning

5. Accordion Module

Dan shows us how to use the accordion module including examples of where this module is currently used, how to populate the module with content and how to place it on a page using the experience editor. 


6. Short Header Module

Dan shows us how to use the short header module including uploading a desktop and mobile image, creating the appropriate data items then selecting the images to use on the page. 


7. Related Links Module

Dan shows us how to use the Related Links Module in Sitecore including an example of where it is used. Next we look at creating the Data Items and placing the module on a page using the Experience Editor.


8. Events in Sitecore

Dan shows us how to create events in Sitecore including all the relevant details like date, location, audiences.  


9. Documents in Sitecore

In this video we learn how to upload a document to the Sitecore Media Library then how to place it on a page using the Rich Text Editor.


Documents in Sitecore - web version

Documents [DOCX, 2.6 MB]
Updated 13 Aug 2018

10. Creating Links in Sitecore

In this video we learn how to create links using Sitecore. Links to pages hosted in Sitecore and links to pages outside the Sitecore environment.



11. Working with Program Listing Pages

In this video we learn how to create a program listing page, including activities, sessions, areas of interest and venues. 



12. Anchor Module

Anchor modules are intended to aid a user’s journey through a long scrolling page. If your page is short (you can go top to bottom in 2 -3 scrolls of your mouse) do not use anchors. You should have a minimum of 4 and no more than 6 anchor links on a page.

Anchor Module Intermediate

13. Dynamic Banner Module

The dynamic banner module enables content authors to create a banner containing a static image with a link to YouTube video content or a CTA button. It is also possible to just use the Dynamic Banner to display an image on its own for purely decorative or illustrative purposes.

Dynamic BannerAdvanced

14. Highlights Module

The Highlights module allows you to give prominence to news or other important items that you'd like to share on your page.

15. Global Feature Pages and Listings

Global Features are content items that can be displayed anywhere in any of the faculty websites. They are primarily displayed via Listing Modules that list and display Global Feature items according to the Tags assigned to the items.  These Tags are used to categorise the items based on things such as, type, subject matter, faculty, school, etc.

Currently there are four separate types of Global Features, these are: 

  • Facilities – used to feature facilities (libraries, labs, study spaces etc)
  • Person/Profiles – used to feature key people in a faculty, school etc.
  • Projects – used to feature research projects 
  • Research Disciplines – used to feature research disciplines

Highlights Expert