Web publishing at UWA

Various content management systems (CMS) are available to UWA staff to host information and services online.

  1. Publishing a UWA website
  2. Website objectives
  3. University visual identity

Publishing a website


Sitecore is the newest, significant CMS introduced in 2017 by Digital and IT at UWA.

MySource Matrix CMS

MySource Matrix is the primary CMS used to host UWA web pages.

Sites in Matrix adhere to UWA's Visual Identity and written style guide. Comprehensive training and support is provided when a site is launched in Matrix. 

You should consider your website objectives when publishing content.

Contact Digital and Creative Services if you would like a website in MySource Matrix.

Mysource Classic CMS

Sites in an earlier version of this CMS, MySource Classic, are being migrated to MySource Matrix. Support for Classic users is still available.

Help is also available for the UWA Newsroom (hosted in Drupal) and the UWA Events system.

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Website objectives

Before you start publishing information online, you should consider what you want your website to achieve.

Goals and objectives

Make sure you have clearly identified the goals and objectives of the website.

Know what you want your website to achieve, such as:

  • more enrolments or higher attendance at events
  • fewer enquiries or support calls by phone or email
  • more efficient processing of information by using online forms to collect exactly what is needed
  • easier feedback about events or services for quality purposes
  • more donations

Target audience

Identify your target audiences and then ensure:

  • information is relevant to the general public, or specific to staff or students
  • information specific to current staff and students, such as Teaching and Learning information, is placed under Staff and/or Current Students pages

Key services, information and messages

Your key services, information and messages must be readily accessible to those audiences. This is helped by:

  • knowing what visitors to your site are looking for
  • writing the content and structuring the navigation using terms site visitors will understand

Key dates

Key dates for communications or promotions need to be considered in planning updates to your site.

Information sources

Avoid duplication of material already available from another source at UWA.

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University Visual Identity

All publicly available, official web pages must employ the University Visual Identity using templated elements as provided by UWA's 'Digital'.

UWA's 'Digital' is responsible for ensuring the consistent application of the University Visual Identity online. Approval must be obtained before publishing using the University Visual Identity online.

For most online content, consistent application of the Visual Identity is handled automatically by the centrally available web publishing facilities and content management systems.

Publicly available official websites and applications outside of the central web publishing facilities are also required to use the University Visual Identity in a consistent manner. In these cases, UWA's 'Digital' will support and facilitate the implementation of the Visual Identity online.

Contact UWA's 'Digital' before starting work for detailed instructions on how to employ the University Visual Identity.

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