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Policy: Web accessibility

Designing your site

These policies and guidelines govern the development and maintenance of all information, resources and services on the University network that are accessed through a web browser.

Visual identity

Digital and Creative at UWA is responsible for the visual identity of all official University web pages. For most content, this is handled automatically by the web publishing facilities and content management systems offered by Digital and Creative.

Official websites and applications outside central web publishing facilities are required to use the University's visual identity in a consistent manner. If you are implementing a new web application, or want to migrate an existing application to the visual identity, contact UWAs 'Digital' so you can be provided with access to markup, scripts, style sheets, and images hosted on central servers.

Digital should be included in your processes as early as possible, as it is a requirement that we authorise use of the visual identity before a site goes live. Our templates may evolve over time, so copying the look of another site will not ensure compliance.