Accessible design in MySource Matrix

Many accessibility aspects have been met by quality template builds in the MySource Matrix CMS that is in wide use at UWA:

  • Validated mark-up is used for the templates and style sheets.
  • We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for consistent presentation and layout of content.
  • Text is used for headings and links with the only imaged text used being in the University's logotype. Site titles are embedded in the code as plain text and rendered as images by graphic web browsers.
  • Font size is adjustable by the web browser.
  • High contrast exists between text and its background providing good readability.
  • Links are easily recognised and behave consistently. They are blue in colour and also identified by underline and rollover behaviour to provide additional visual cues. Links which have been visited are identified by a different colour (brown).
  • Navigation menus and forms work with or without JavaScript.

However, there are some techniques which web editors implement when creating web pages in the MySource Matrix CMS templates: