Format of internal pages

Address format

  • Business unit
    The University of Western Australia [mailbag number]
    35 Stirling Highway
    Crawley, Perth
    Western Australia 6009
  • Phone: (+61 8) 6488 NNNN
  • Fax: (+61 8) 6488 YYYY
  • Email: [email protected]

Login style

The words 'login' and 'log in' are both used on the website:

  • log in: verb (for example, log in to Pheme)
  • login: noun (for example, your login details)

Clarity, consistency and readability are key elements in getting a visitor's attention on web pages.

Here are some simple tips to help you achieve these objectives.


  • Use one theme per page and keep them short.
  • Divide long pages into shorter interlinked pages.
  • Use internal links (jump links) on long pages that can not be divided.


  • Make sure page titles (called the "Page Name" in MySource) adequately describe the page.
  • Use sentence case, not title case.



  • The first paragraph should be one sentence only, preferably fewer than 25 words.
  • Apply the introduction class to help your introduction stand out visually.


  • Be succinct – write simple sentences.
  • Stick to one idea per paragraph.
  • Keep each paragraph to two or three sentences.
  • Use lists where appropriate to make text easier to scan. 
  • Too many links in text makes it hard to read.

General formatting

  • Maximise readability by leaving text left-justified.
  • Do not underline text as it can be mistaken for a hyperlink.
  • Avoid using too much coloured text.
  • Do not use red text.
  • Use italics for titles and references of published material.
  • Reserve bold for emphasis.

See spelling conventions for information about the style conventions for specific words and fragments.