Web guidelines requirements

These requirements will be replaced by the draft Web policy.

While the Web guidelines apply to all websites hosted on the UWA network, there are differing requirements depending on whether the site is an Official, Sponsored or Intranet site.

University Logo

  • Use of the University logo must comply with the published logo guidelines.
  • The University logo must appear on the home page of every official website hosted on the University network.
  • The University logo must only appear once on each page.


  • Use of faculty sub-brands must be approved by the relevant faculty.
  • Use of the University's central brand must be approved by the University Website Management Committee.
  • The relevant sub-brand elements must appear on the home page of every official website.

Modified by

  • The contact details of the position responsible for modifying the content of all official websites must be available via the website's home page.

Last modified

  • The date and time that content on each page was last modified or updated must be available for each page of the website.

Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 compliance (CRICOS Code)

Permissible materials


  • Official web pages must be reviewed regularly to ensure that the information they contain is current in accordance with their site management plan.

Design – home page

  • Official home pages must provide a coherent and consistent image of the position of the website within the University and reflect important and relevant relationships to other sections of the University.
  • Official home pages must include a link to the University home page.

Design – all pages

  • All official web pages must establish a visual identity and maintain it consistently throughout the website.


  • All web pages must provide navigational links that appear and behave in a consistent fashion.


  • Information identifying the subject matter, file format and file size of downloadable material must be provided.


  • Text equivalents must be available for multimedia, video and audio clips.



  • Official web pages must provide metadata in accordance with the University's Metadata Standard: title, creator, keywords, description, date, modified, rights, audience, identifier.


  • All official websites must adopt a user-focused structure.

Site management plan

  • All official web pages must be managed by a content custodian who is responsible for all information published on the website.
  • All business units must ensure that their official website is listed in the University's Contact Directory.
  • All official websites must create a site management plan and lodge it with the University Website Office.
  • All site management plans must be reviewed and lodged with University Website Office at least bi-annually.

File sharing

  • Matrix is used for sharing files that are less than 10MB with simple permission controls via Pheme or a single shared password.
  • Where larger file sizes or more complex permission levels are required, consider Cloustor.
  • We can arrange access to an FTP space when required.
  • Neither Matrix nor our FTP space is appropriate where the files contain secure, private or confidential information.

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