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The Visual Identity is a part of the UWA Communications Strategy, and its use must be authorised by the University Website Office.

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The introduction class highlights the first paragraph of a page to instantly inform visitors of the purpose of the page.

An introduction paragraph is not mandatory for all pages, but is usually advisable. Only omit this style when the content of a page is extremely short and self-explanatory, or part of a series of pages in which the visitor should have already had a context established.

The introduction paragraph:

  • must only be used on the first paragraph on a page,
  • explains the purpose of the content to come,
  • is preferably one sentence of 25 words or fewer.


Screenshot page intro style 

Implementation in MySource Matrix

After you have written your introductory sentence, highlight it with your mouse, dragging from left to right. Then click on the drop-down box in the edit bar titled "-- select css style --" and select "introduction".

Technical implementation

<p class="introduction">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</p>