Short URLs

Short URLs are available to enable you to link to staff profiles, unit details and other regularly accessed information using an easy-to-remember address.

These URLs are known as 'vanity' or 'persistent' URLs.

Staff profiles

You can view or link to a staff profile using:

Unit information

Every unit that has been published online since 2006 has a permanent link of the form:

A link of the form serves as a redirect to the current page in the UWA Handbook for that unit.

For example:

Unit information published online between 2002 and 2005 can be accessed using the old unit code and the year:

If you want to include numerous links to units within a single web page, use the Unit Links asset, rather than the Standard Page asset in MySource Matrix. In a Unit Links asset, every instance of a unit code will automatically become a link to the corresponding page in the Handbooks site - without requiring the usual HTML code to create the link.