Central sources of information

Further information

Usage tips

MySource allows authors to publish information from a central source to several locations by:

  • linking to the relevant page
  • nesting the content in your site, with an introductory paragraph

How to

It's important to make use of central sources of information wherever available, rather than duplicate data across UWA websites and systems.

By linking to, or embedding, definitive content from authoritative sources you ensure that visitors to your site get up-to-date, official information.

When the information is updated at the source it updates on your site as well.

Cutting and pasting such information to your pages, or creating your own version of the content from scratch, not only wastes your time but also means that if you are unaware of changes in the original source your information will be out of date.

To check that your proposed new content does not duplicate or contradict existing information, use the UWA search function to look for existing content on other sites.

Definitive sources / owners of information

Information Definitive Source
About Perth Future Students – About Perth
Alumni (events, updating contact details) Office of Development – Alumni
Contact information (Contact us) UWA Contact Directory
Course information for future students
Future Students course information database (CIDb)
Events (including seminars, conferences and the like) UWA events calendar
Lecture recordings / online lectures Lecture Capture System
Life at UWA
Future Students – Life at UWA
Maps and campus locations Campus Map
News (including media releases and newsletters) University Newsroom
Research expertise UWA Contact Directory
Scholarships Scholarships Office
Search Templated search tool supplied in MySource or by UWAs 'Digital'
Staff profiles and contact information (Contact us) UWA Contact Directory
Student exchange / study abroad for international students coming to UWA Future Students – Student Exchange and Study Abroad
Student exchange / study abroad for UWA students going overseas International Centre – Current Students
Timetabling information
UWA Timetable
Unit information (for current students) University Handbooks, Learning Management System (LMS)