UWA's Contact Directory is a large, publicly viewable database that presents the individual contact details and titles for all UWA staff and sections.

View a profile

You can search the directory for staff, students and University sections, or directly view the profile of any staff member using this format:


Just insert the person's first name, a full stop, then surname, for example:

Managing your profile

Directory-only information

You cannot personally change various details including your name, contact details and job title; any alterations to this primary information must be done by sending a request to [email protected] – changes will usually be made within one or two days.

Likewise, if you have any problems and your new information has not been included, email [email protected]. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the individual staff member to send their contact details by email to [email protected] when they commence work or when contact information changes. Inclusion in the Contact Directory is not automatic.

The following fields can only be updated by Directory staff in Digital and Creative Services:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Department name
  • Qualifications
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contact details

Directory staff cannot update mailbox numbers. To update your mailbag number, log into ESS at https://www.hr.uwa.edu.au/ess; click on 'My HR', 'Employment', 'MBDP Maintenance'; elect the appropriate MBDP from the drop-down menu; and click 'Update'. Changes show up in the Contact Directory within 24 hours.

UWA Profiles and Research Repository

Profiles in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository are the sole, authorised public profiles for UWA staff. It is in your profile that you are able to add comprehensive and up-to-date information about your research, teaching activities, professional expertise and outputs.

A profile has been established for all current UWA research and teaching staff. Any UWA academic or professional staff member who does not have a profile in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository can request one by emailing [email protected].  

For full information on how to update your profile visit: https://www.uwa.edu.au/library/help-and-support/support-for-uwa-researchers/uwa-profiles-and-research-repository-support-and-faqs#ui-id-40.